3 Things Everyone Knows About APP REVIEWS & RATING That You Don’t

I did 2 jobs on a Friday night, around 4:30. One of them was approved before I hit my second shift, the other one got approved Monday morning. Paid for the first one before I even woke up Monday morning, and the second paid by Tuesday. I’ve read the other buy reviews app store saying too much work for so little pay, but really guys it’s not a lot. An average shift for me is about 20-30 pictures (WHICH IS NOT BAD CONSIDERING YOU ONLY HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES). There’s no “type 100 words about your experience” or anything like that.

Compared to some of the other apps and websites I’ve seen this one is a pretty easy going, quick money making app, for those who are prepared to do what is asked. Yes – there’s a chance you can get denied money, but that’s if you’re not doing what’s asked or don’t complete the job to it’s fullest. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to make extra money but not afraid to do what’s asked.”

I installed FitForBucks app few months ago and results have been exceptional.  This app motivated me to walk more from the moment I downloaded it.  I check my steps several times a day. It was so interesting to learn how many steps it takes to walk from my bed to the kitchen, to garage and around the house. I never thought about this before. Also, it was very easy to connect my HealthKit to FitForBucks, just by pushing one button.

Yesterday I decided to purchase Fitbit to register more steps and to get even more rewards. Again I was able to connect Fitbit to this app in just few seconds.  I think FitForBucks did an amazing job designing the app. I am finding new places in our city by browsing the reward images and reading information about the merchants.  I wish they had even more options in our community buying app reviews.  I invited many of my friends to FFB and now we’re competing with each other. It’s like a new fun game, but at the same time it’s very important to our HEALTH. Thank you, guys. Great job on this app! 

“Originally, I had a few issues when trying to sign up, the main one being verification code. When signing up they send a verification to your phone and you type in the four digit number they sent you, however, mine wouldn’t work. Every code they send read as invalid. All I had to do to resolve this was force close the app and wait a few minutes and try again until I could get past. Pretty easy to use and earn points with. As of right now, at least on my device, points can only be redeemed for amazon gift cards, which honestly isn’t bad. It does take a little bit for new  trivia to pop up 🤷🏾‍♀️ but again, it’s free, easy money so I really can’t complain. The graphics are really good and the app flows nicely.