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when it’s time for a new string job. It is rather accurate and consistent, especially when you consider all the variables and limitations of measuring string tension accurately. I also appreciate that the developer was very responsive with effective and personal feedback with an issue I was having (user error). Also, top app store optimisation companies the “history” feature has replaced my old paper stringing log book. For professional stringers, this app could become an effective marketing tool.

Terrific app that works as advertised. However, for the most precise reading, it has to be used in a quiet setting where there is little to no ambient noise. If it can hear the neighbor’s lawn mower, the plane going overhead, the birds chirping, or your friends yapping about how it’s not gonna work, the analysis will get contaminated, and you’ll get a less than accurate outcome. A word to the wise….


“This is a great app. The tension readings are usually spot or at least very plausible. But more importantly, they are consistent. If you test a racket several times you will get similar results every time. This makes it useful for monitoring tension loss and comparing rackets. The swing-weight part is also a nice addition. For 99 cents it’s a no-brainier.

Some complain that it shows a lower value than the settings on the string machine. But that is not a problem with the app since the actual tension in the stringbed usually is 5-10 lb lower after stringing.”

I first read about this over on the Tennis Warehouse forums.  Several people mentioned they tried it and it seemed accurate.  I decided to give it a whirl myself, and Yes, this app seems to be great!  I’ve been stringing my own racquets for many years, so I have a good understanding of string tension.  This app was within 3 lbs of what I string my racquet at, which is appropriate given tension loss right after stringing.  This app is easy to use and will be quite handy to monitor when strings start to go dead.  Great app and I hope to see future versions.  For the future, tracking/recording options of the data would be nice and perhaps add in specific racquet and string data.  But again – WONDERFUL app.

I started using MMC a couple months ago when I first took my sales position, and I am so glad I did!! MMC is the best tool specifically designed for sales reps to organize their data. Not only can I store all my info on this app but it also designs routes for me to go and will inform me of nearby facilities in the area I am in. It’s easy to navigate and has many different features. MMC has made my job a lot easier https://nextlabs.io/!

“I got this app simply because this makes traveling around the area less time consuming. This feature helps me map out my routes and helps give me target zones that I need to pursue. This app is user friendly both online and through mobile.