ASO services strategy – The Game Plan for app store optimisation

ASO services strategy is a must needed tool for an app to market it and connect with users, It might be a new app or an existing app, You need ASO tools to outsmart the competition, higher visibility in search results and finally conversion (downloads).

All these might look simple, yet takes expert craftsmanship.

In this blog, let’s learn about ASO services strategy at three-level, 

  1. Keywords research 
  2. App Page 
  • Keyword research 
  • any app store optimisation company you opt for, the first thing they focus on is finding the right keyword.
  • Researching keywords that have high traffic volume and low competition.
  • Keywords are important for the app’s visibility and ranking. 
  • You have to make sure, when people directly search for an app/keyword in your category, your app must rank top result.
  • you have to also know what kind of keywords your competitors in your segment or category are using only then we can rank higher.

So what happens if you don’t rank in top results – It’s Simple, you lose the audience or users in the first place itself.

  •  App page 

The app page is similar to the window display presentation.

everything that a user wants to know about your app starting from rating and reviews, number of installs, screenshot, video preview, and app description is on the app store that is the app page.

the whole thing on the app page must be optimized to trigger interest and desire to download your app.Give them enough reasons to download your app by conveying why your app is the best.

For the app page, you have A/B testing to test various app’s variable and find out the best in real-time testing.

  • Download 

If we analyze the apps which we have downloaded and are using on our smartphones, it tells us that we opt the best in the category, right. The same is running in the mind of the user.

They are not just looking for an app they are looking for the best app in the category.

So Question yourself – are you building the best or do you have one?

The number of app downloads is a result of app optimisation, it conveys how well you are doing or not.

Are there any aso services strategy other than this?


Localization -translating your app to native language for particular demography, especially to tap into a wider audience.

Here, understanding the App Store algorithm is the key, who knows the game plays it well. It looks like three simple steps, yet when we put it into practice by testing each factor, optimising it, it takes a lot of research and effort.

It’s not the overnight result we could see here, it takes time even with the best tools available.

Do we need an aso company or expert?

There are more than 3 million apps in Google Play Store and more than 2 million in the Apple app store.

it’s not the game of thousands anymore which was earlier, it’s the game of millions now 

We are not facing only newbies, we are with some of the most established developers like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more who have already set authority in the app platform.

If you want to place your app above the competition and the expert knows it well. Even big companies mentioned earlier use App Store optimization to keep up the consistency and never fade in the competition.