As an app developer or marketer, you do not want to release your app in only a specific country. It’s not a smart move when you invest much money in your app. This idea not only decreases your total profit or number of users. It does not give you any revenue. Surely everyone wants to earn profit in business.

So, app localization is the most effective technique and best ASO service used by aso agencies to increase their visibility and exposure. It ultimately gives you revenue and monthly active users. This expands your app and reaches different countries and different people with different bases etc.

Surely, app localization is a must when you want to increase your app’s potential. Here is a brief introduction to app localization and its benefits.


App localization is a tool that expands your app from its base to various countries with different dialects and cultures. It works with optimizing and customizing your app according to that particular country using local words and spoken variations.

App localization is said to increase almost 128% of downloads in a country within just a week of launching. It is said to give fruitful results when implemented properly.

There are huge markets in non-English speaking countries like east Asia and European countries, giving more revenue than English-speaking countries. So, it helps expand your monthly active users and profits and open doors you do not even know existed.

Brief steps to follow while app localization:

>localize keywords and app page content:

The first and the foremost thing while localizing your app is optimizing the on-metadata factors for your app and keyword localization. Simply translating the app using google translate is the biggest mistake you do while localization.

Locales are different for different countries and different speaking languages. So, it greatly affects the app’s visibility in the search results. When a user searches for your app, he uses the local dialect, so if your app does not get optimized in the local dialect, it’s of no use launching it.

> think from the beginning:

It’s a lot of work when you want to localize your app after you launched it. Because you can’t change the code, get a new localized ASO team to optimize your app. So, it’s better to decide from the beginning. Decide which countries you want to launch in and start working from the very beginning.

Localize the app in text or UI elements in different languages.

> use a localization platform:

Surely, app development is a tiring process. So, while working on both app development and app, localization will make the work more exhausting.

Top companies with best ASO services work with localization platforms while working on localization. It makes the process easy and analyzes effortlessly. It tracks the analytics of the words, trends, your app’s performance in that particular country, and helps in all ways.


App localization is a cost-effective and profitable method when implemented properly. This process can be categorized as best ASO service.

Users want to use the app, which makes them feel native and uses their local dialect. Complications surely arise while app localization but having good ASO team and experienced experts help in the process.