Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Earning Money App

You level up, gaining confidence and unlocking more and more complex (relatively) options until it revivals other apps that come with everything right away. CARROT is personal. The simplicity at the beginning helps those of us who don’t get around to things BECAUSE we get overwhelmed and BECAUSE other apps and lists can feel too complex. Starting on an easy level and gradually boosting your confidence until you are comfortable enough with the app, and before you know it , you’re actually tackling your goals earning money app . For real. And I’ve tried everything. I have over focused  adult ADD, and while I have good intentions and can be highly motivated to begin with, I lose focus quickly. Like with this review. Done.

Also I echo what LOLAJEFF just said.”

Hey! I have been recently diagnosed with ADHD and this app has worked te best so far for me to get things done as long as I remember to look at it! I try to check in throughout the day and when I add new items I look for old ones I’ve already done and more I should do. It’s a hilarious app.  One thing I wish would change is the ability to add categories instead of one list. I have a lot of “eventual” to-do items that I would like to put in a sub list.

I have ADHD and I’ve struggled to find a to do app that works for me.  So far, CARROT has kept me interested, stimulated and on track! It’s bare bones when you get it, but the more you use it the faster you level up!  One thing, it seems to take a while to get reminders, which has caused me to have to get creative!  I use 4 apps…a programmable timer, an alarm that’s hard to turn off, iCal and CARROT.  The true test will be how long before I get bored…

I have rather bad ADHD, and as a side effect for my type I have a tendency to forget things such as tasks I need to do, before this I basically panicked myself into remembering things which meant I was constantly in a state of panic, now I can just write in the app tasks I need to do when I first think of them, and check the app whenever I draw a blank, and it’s so easy to use and the unlock as you go is so nice so it keeps you interested, almost like the app get a new update feature the more you use it.

“I am very into CARROT. I’ve tried lots of other to-do apps, but none of them could motivate me like her. However, I do have some ideas that could make CARROT seem… even more alive (and more terrifying to anger):

1. Make her oculus sensor move! Make it adjust like a real camera, and adding blinks would give it an extra oomph!

2. I haven’t made CARROT angry yet, but if her voice doesn’t get deep and gravelly when she does, I’ll be mildly disappointed.