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Inn, waterpark, park, pet store, and a pack more things. I might want it on the off chance that it had more things like turning the individuals a specific way and Add a feline people out there like me like 🐈 include a plane please in like you can go to various towns, blend and match garments and shoes, let you have the option to peruse with the individuals record and really record things in the books and you can peruse what you record whenever you need to I trust you consider this and add it to your stuff. Much obliged and bye” money earn app

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I love your games so a lot and I own every one of your games my play home my play self-teach and so on yet I have a solicitation would you be able to make my PlayHome city 🌃 where their resemble an eatery and a recreation center and a great deal of condos and a salon 💇 and a film 🎥 Theater 🎭 gracious and a sea shore 🏖 and an air terminal and an inn 🏨 so thank you all for making this games I know it’s extremely difficult to make games and I trust you preferred my thought 💡I have a ton of creative mind since I am 10 I despite everything love your games! Despite the fact that their ment for multi year olds yet I have an inclination that I will cherish your games for quite a while thanks 🙏! money earning application


I figure it would be so fun and make this arrangement of games SO much better on the off chance that you could take some time off! Perhaps a voyage, amusement park, sea shore, air terminal. I figure it would be so enjoyable to gather their bag and travel to Hawaii, or Disney World, or a voyage. That would be so fun if there was an immense pontoon with cafés, and pools, and an island to get off on, and minuscule rooms (since they are really little on a journey transport 🚢) how stunning that would be! Would take these games up a level! 


Hello, I Love my Play Home Games…. I Just feel Like it Needs More events…. For example, Water Parks, Amusement Park…. A Daycare…. More Houses…. More youngsters like teenagers. it Would Also Be Nice in the event that you could make a trip To Another World…. Or on the other hand Have Places with the goal that the People Who have the little employments In My Playhome Store Has homes…. Likewise Add An Airport… Make It Look More Realistic…. Make and Laundry Room… Possibly A Car shop… Something more than this… Lodging, Beaches… It Just Needs More things In It.. honest money earning app


“Indeed, you folks have the best applications in the App Store. PC coding is the hardest thing ever. I attempted it myself, and it turned out poorly. No weight, yet on the off chance that you included pets, the stores would nearly be… complete. More youthful youngsters can figure out how to deal with creatures, and more seasoned children (like me) can simply appreciate dealing with our textured companions.