The App Store is crowded. With more than 5 million apps in both the app stores, when you’re launching your app, you don’t want to get lost in the sea of competition. This can be only done by one tool—App store optimization services.

Aso or app store optimization services is like a marketing tool that includes various techniques and strategies in improving your app’s visibility and popularity. With aso services for your app, it’s like launching your app blindly into the market, and it indeed gets lots without proper guidance. best Aso services provided by best aso agencies help in making you a member of best aso companies.


App Store Optimization Agencies is a group of experienced individuals who work with app store optimization services for your app. They are well-versed in the techniques and strategies for the app and work with you from the beginning of the app development. The first and most crucial step focused by any aso agency and known to all best app companies is “keyword optimization”.

With the quick and straightforward intro of what is keyword optimization, let’s look into how top app companies do it.

Keyword optimization and why you need it?

Keyword optimization is the process of using the best keywords in the app’s content description. It includes the process of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords for your app.it is the base and the only driving factor in bringing the traffic towards your app page.

Keyword optimization must be the first crucial step for any online marketing campaign. If you’re bad at selecting the right keywords, then the work you’ve put in your app might all go in vain. With only the right keywords, your app might get the proper visibility and popularity you’ve expected while launching it.

Three questions you need to ask while starting keyword research:

With the help of best aso services become top aso companies. Why do you think few apps always get categorized while some others are not even noticed even when they have the winning concept. It’s about how well you optimize your keywords.

The first question you need to do while keyword research is to start thinking about the best keywords related to your app.

 Though it might look easy, most people fail at this stage and get keywords that are not even relevant or with low traffics.

Ask yourself, 

  1. What does your app do?
  2.  What describes its best features?
  3.  How would I search if I was a customer?

If you get an answer to all these questions, you can quickly get the best keywords for your app. Think like a customer when you’re trying to do keyword research. In the user’s point of view, understand what words are used in locales and what they would search for when they need a meditation app. This type of thinking will always help you in getting the best results.

Once you start getting keywords, jot them down in a spreadsheet. The more you get, the better keywords. The next step is to prioritize them based on the few factors:

Difficulty: the keyword should be a must to rank high in the priority list. About at least within 10 top keywords; otherwise, the app cannot be easily visible.

Relevancy factor: Don’t simply add a keyword because you think it is most searched. Add a keyword which is only suited for your app.

Traffic: the high traffic your keyword has, the more number of downloads your app will get